This class is designed for four-year-old’s who will not be starting Kindergarten in the upcoming fall. It builds upon the components of the Three’s class but since children at this age are even more independent and have a longer attention span, we are able to pack much more into our Preschool time. Circle Time includes aspects of the calendar (i.e. days of the week/months of the year, and how to sound them out and spell them, the date, holidays etc.), seasons, weather, counting to 40, songs, The Pledge of Allegiance, and flash cards that reinforce letter, color, number and shape recognition. Arts and Crafts, books and songs are all selected according to the letter, number, and theme of the week.

Specific activities are designed to help the children develop their gross motor skills (dancing, musical chairs, leap frog, ball tossing games, dramatic play, outside time), as well as their fine motor skills (puzzles, printing their names, cutting, coloring, tracing, doing worksheets). A great importance is put on social and emotional development and the children learn to share, work and play with others, use good manners, take turns, listen, and communicate appropriately both verbally and non-verbally.