Our Facilitys

Dreamland Education Center Dreamland Learning Center

Each of our Centers have a separate classroom for each age group until your child enters First Grade. This positively influences the children in many ways:

1) Lesson Plans can be geared toward a specific age group.

2) Length in nap time, circle time, centers, outside time, free play time etc. can be adjusted as appropriate.

3) Teachers can focus more on skills that are typically acquired at that age group. i.e. potty training, holding a pencil, using scissors etc.

4) Children will spend more time being actively engaged in the classroom, rather than being bored with something they have already mastered.

Our facilities also have separate playgrounds for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children. Each of our three playgrounds is filled with age appropriate toys and sufficient open space for running and playing. We feel that keeping the children separated according to age while outside virtually eliminates the chance of an older child accidentally hurting a younger one, and keeps younger children from testing out toys and equipment they are not yet ready for.