At this level our classroom starts to resemble more of a traditional class. Our goal is to have the children fully prepared for the transition to Kindergarten in the fall. We focus on developing self-control and building positive social skills, as well as teaching responsibility for oneself and respect for people and things.

The Pre-K curriculum is also built around a letter and theme of the week, and we continue to build upon what has been taught throughout our entire program. Through Circle Time, Curriculum Worksheets, and Art Projects, we move from only being able to identify letters, numbers and shapes, to being able to recreate them on paper both in and out of context. This is an exciting time for the children, as pre-reading skills are taught and they are fine tuning their motor skills. Books with rhymes and repetition are read to assist with prediction skills, and hands-on manipulatives are used to teach counting, sorting, recognition of patterns, addition and subtraction.