Moving onward and upward with their development, our Three’s class not only reinforces colors, shapes, numbers and letters, but adds the aspect of the calendar. Children practice the days of the week, months of the year, and discuss holidays and weather. They learn to recognize their first and last names written, as well as those of their friends, and with assistance they are able to trace, write letters and begin to write their first name! Much time is spent cultivating their motor skills through activities that involve cutting, gluing, buttoning, snapping, lacing beads with string, putting on and taking off shoes, socks and jackets and much more.

Since at this age children have moved from parallel play to preferring interactive play, the classroom is filled with toys that encourage creativity, stimulate dramatic/imaginative play, and influence positive peer relationships. Therefore, strong friendships are made at this age, vocabulary and communication skills are elevated, and a sense of community develops within the classroom.