No longer toddlers, our two-year-old’s need an environment that stimulates their desire for independence, yet still nurtures them. Daily Circle Time teaches the children to sit as a group and participate in activities that inspire their minds. Teachers use books, flashcards, songs, props, blocks, puzzles, legos and much more to educate the children about the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, matching, stacking and sorting. Art projects are based around the weekly theme and use coloring, painting and pasting to improve fine motor skills.

Numerous items are located in the classroom that facilitate the children in feeling more grown-up. They use a play kitchen and the dress up box for dramatic play, they are encouraged to “use their words” to explain their desires, they are allowed to “read” books all by themselves, and most exciting of all, they are able to start using the potty which is located right inside the classroom!