Quality daycare serving Meridian, West Boise and Treasure Valley



Our Childcare Centers are licensed by the State of Idaho and maintain the highest standards of teaching, cleanliness and safety. Our curriculum is adapted from The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, which balances teacher-directed and child-initiated learning. With this, alongside each classroom’s customized curriculum, we are able to respond to children’s different learning styles and build upon their strengths.

Our teachers are provided with a wide variety of resources they can use to enhance the children’s learning environment. Lesson plans are created around a weekly theme and are reviewed by the Director on a continual basis. These Lesson Plans, The Daily Schedule, and the monthly Newsletter are posted in the classroom for parents to review.All of our educators are certified in Early Childhood Education. We understand the importance of getting a jump start on education at an early age. 


 Our mission is to appreciate the individuality of each child, provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for that child, and strengthen his or her physical, social, and emotional abilities throughout each stage of development. 


Each of our Centers have a separate classroom for each age group until your child enters First Grade. This positively influences the children in many ways:

1) Lesson Plans can be geared toward a specific age group.

2) Length in nap time, circle time, centers, outside time, free play time etc. can be adjusted as appropriate.

3) Teachers can focus more on skills that are typically acquired at that age group. i.e. potty training, holding a pencil, using scissors etc.

4) Children will spend more time being actively engaged in the classroom, rather than being bored with something they have already mastered.

Our facilities also have separate playgrounds for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children. Each of our three playgrounds is filled with age appropriate toys and sufficient open space for running and playing. We feel that keeping the children separated according to age while outside virtually eliminates the chance of an older child accidentally hurting a younger one, and keeps younger children from testing out toys and equipment they are not yet ready for.